Linux Mint skin uploaded

I've uploaded a Linux Mint skin to the repository. Enjoy!
[img_assist|nid=62|title=Linux Mint skin|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=57]

0.21 released

0.21 is a release that includes several bug fixes and usability improvements.

New pigments in repo

I've uploaded a bunch of new pigments in the default repository. Just click Find More and you'll see them, ready to be installed.
Here's their preview images:

As you can see, a Ubuntu skin is almost ready, all that's left now is a GDM pigment, a GRUB pigment and a Usplash pigment.

Updates and details

Greetings readers! once again thank you for following the Epidermis project. These past months we have made big changes and archived several goals. The first goal was to get people talking about Epidermis, with out a doubt allot of you out there a mentioning Epidermis, we have given the word epidermis a new definition around the web :D. Even big sites like have added us to there download areas!

Me and Flimm thank all of those who have helped us make Epidermis a better Project!

(OH BTW Happy Thanksgiving!)


0.2 introduces Epidermis Creator

Epidermis version 0.2 introduces a new utility called Epidermis Creator. Here's a screeshot:
 The Epidermis Creator, in version 0.2.Creator: The Epidermis Creator, in version 0.2.

I'm working on Epidermis Creator

I'm working on this blueprint, here's a screenshot of the progress so far:
The creator makes it easy to package themes into the .pigment format, it doesn't help make the themes in themselves.
Expect a release soon!

Spread the word!


I am David Paez and I am the responsible one for spreading the word of Epidermis to the Linux world, I am using this opportunity just present my self to those who follow the epidermis project.

If you would like to collaborate in our campaign to spread Epidemis here are a few sites you can submit your opinion.

Do you do some Social Bookmarking? You do? Great here are some sites you can help us on!

Screenshots uploaded

I've uploaded some screenshots, take a look:

Blueprint: Create new skins for every major Linux distro using GNOME

Launchpad Entry:
Created: 2008-10-25 by David D Lowe


Create a new Epidermis skin for every major Linux distro out there that uses GNOME. For example: Ubuntu Studio, Linux Mint...


The default look and feel of most Linux distrobutions are different and polished. They also are complete, all the 'pigments' fit togethor very well, so they would make high quality skins.

My thoughts on Launchpad

I chose Launchpad to host my project. It's been great to have a centralized place for my code, and I quite like the way bzr works, although it took a lot of trial and error to decide on a workflow.
Here the ways I think it could be improved:


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