0.2.4 released

Epidermis 0.2.4 has been released. It fixes a few nasty bugs that weren't picked up in the previous release. This release also marks the first time a developer besides flimm has contributed code: everybody shout for Gergely Szarka! Changelog:

0.2.3 squashes more bugs

0.2.3 has been released. The Danish and Spanish speakers will like this one: Epidermis has been translated into their languages, thanks to Mads Konradsen, David A Páez, DiegoJ, Javier García Díaz and Paulis.


Gearing up for the next release

Seems like half of all the currently open bugs are marked as "Fix Committed", so it's about time I release those fixes! So I'm releasing Epidermis 0.2.3~beta1 to testers!
If you find any problems, just submit a bug report.
If you successfully go through the test case, post a comment here so I see how ready 0.2.3 is to be released. I'm particularly interested in users who have already installed a previous version of Epidermis.
Thank you.

Bluman Skin released!

A Blue Gnome Theme for those sad days when you get the Blue's :D

Now in the repos! (Sorry we been too Fedora lately)


A few Stats

Hello just to keep you informed on the traffic of Epidermis,This are a couple of fun facts:

This last 30 days we have so far:

1,927 visits,they came from the following OS:

1,511 78.41%
382 19.82%
31 1.61%
(not set)
1 0.05%
Nintendo Wii
1 0.05%
1 0.05%

(Wii and iPhone are tied)

Now for the Browsers:

More pigments: New Wave and Shiku

dilimo (Anton Kerezo) and gajolo have sent in new pigments: the famous New Wave theme and a sleek new design called Shiki-Brave. Get them while they're hot from the oven!
New PigmentsNew Pigments

More ways you can help

I've just thought of two more ways people can help, and I've added them to the appropriate page.

By the way, people have been sending in pigments, expect to see some more soon! Some of you may have noticed a few on the repo already...

  • Do some tests:

    Yes, Epidermis needs to be tested, just like any other program. We've written up a test case for you to tackle. If you find any bugs, you know where to report them!

  • How you can help

    There are many ways to contribute to Epidermis' development:

    • Make pigments (themes) for Epidermis:

      Grab your favourite themes and turn them into epidermis-compatible pigments using the Epidermis Creator. Then send them in. Pigments that fit together to make a skin are particularly interesting.

    0.2.2 released!

    Epidermis 0.2.2 has been released. This release consists mainly in bug fixes. It also features a complete french translation!

    Gravatar's cool!

    I've enabled gravatars on my site, so if you don't forget to include your email address when you leave a comment on this site, your Globally Recognised Avatar will be displayed next to your comment. Go to gravatar.com to check it out.


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