More bug fixes in 0.5.1

Epidermis 0.5.1 has been released. This version has much better error handling. If pigments are corrupted on the system, Epidermis will allow you to remove them (fixes bug #538715). And when Epidermis crashes, a user-friendly error message will appear, guiding the user to reporting the bug with Apport.

Translations include Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English, thank you to all the contributors who translated.


Universal themes: an idea

I've just submitted a proposal to Freedesktop's XDG mailing list called Universal Themes. The proposal is attached as a PDF.

Epidermis supports Debian unstable in 0.5

Epidermis 0.5 has been released. It is the first version that is cross-distro: both Ubuntu 9.10 and Debian unstable (sid) are supported.
This release's back-end now relies on PolicyKit, giving users a more friendly experience.
Translations include Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English, thank you to all the contributors who translated.


0.4.1 fixes very first critical bug

After releasing Epidermis 0.4, reports of Epidermis failing to launch flooded in. Bug #469655 received a record number of eight duplicates. This release fixes this critical bug, along with another less critical one.


Xsplash themes, here we come!

Epidermis 0.4 has been released, with a brand new feature: Xsplash themes. Epidermis is the first GUI program to offer this capability, as far as we know. Changing the look of your boot-up screen is now as simple as changing your wallpaper.
Pigment creators also have a new feature to play with: automatic preview generation. Now you don't need to the hard work of taking screenshots yourself any more, Epidermis Creator does it for you.


I wonder, will Usplash support be dropped?

As I develop Epidermis, I keep thinking of more and more reasons to drop support for Usplash pigments (and grub as well). Here's a list of why:

0.3.1 is the good stuff minus some annoyances

This release includes one new feature and several bug fixes. You can now choose whether you want the undo feature introduced in 0.3 to be activated. It's everything Epidermis 0.3 was, minus some annoyances.


0.3 brings more shine

This release includes several new features. .pigment files can be previewed directly from Nautilus thanks to their thumbnails. You can double-click on them to open, install and activate them. Skins can also be incomplete, you don't have to link grub and usplash pigments to your skin any more.


Feel the power of .pigment files!

Pigment thumbnails
I've been working on exciting things for Epidermis 0.3: much better integration with .pigment files. Look at this screenshot: all the .pigment files have been thumbnailed, whatever their type (metacity, gtk, etc).

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