0.2.3 squashes more bugs

0.2.3 has been released. The Danish and Spanish speakers will like this one: Epidermis has been translated into their languages, thanks to Mads Konradsen, David A Páez, DiegoJ, Javier García Díaz and Paulis.


* Access to the repository through a proxy enabled. (Closes: LP: #308178, LP:#313456)
* American translation is enabled by default to allow differenciation between American and British translations. (Closes: LP: #336698)
* Progress bar accurately displays size of downloaded files. (Closes: LP: #320348)
* Silly string error fixed. (Closes: LP: #335789)
* Epidermis Creator nows displays the Epidermis icon.
* Code refactored to make similar pigment types share code. As a result of this, wallpaper pigments and gnome splash pigments save their files in different places, and will need to be updated. Epidermis will automatically prompt user to do this.