Gravatar's cool!

I've enabled gravatars on my site, so if you don't forget to include your email address when you leave a comment on this site, your Globally Recognised Avatar will be displayed next to your comment. Go to to check it out.


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Just wanted to thank you, I'm using this program and I think it's very cool. Keep the good stuff coming!

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I've actually already implemented the first idea, they're called packs. One pack contains many other pigments that are installed automatically. I just never talked about it much because the goal is that everyone downloads from the repo anyway. (I haven't implemented the other pigment types yet though, like compiz settings)
As for the second idea, I think it's separate wallpapers and icons for each desktop. Epidermis will not be able to do that until GNOME decides to make it happen, here a link to the brainstorm idea for separate wallpapers, and the one for separate sets of icons.