0.3 brings more shine

This release includes several new features. .pigment files can be previewed directly from Nautilus thanks to their thumbnails. You can double-click on them to open, install and activate them. Skins can also be incomplete, you don't have to link grub and usplash pigments to your skin any more.


  • Now installs application/x-pigment mime-type for .pigment files.
  • Opens .pigment files from command line.
  • Skins no longer require a linked pigment from every type.
  • .pigment files have thumbnails automatically generated by a script in GNOME's Nautilus.
  • Ability to choose which .pigment files to install and to activate when you open them.
  • The possibility to undo the accidental closure of Epidermis.
  • Fixed wallpaper filename extension bug. (fixes #385623)

Downloads for Epidermis 0.3