First stable release! 0.1

Epidermis 0.1, the first stable version of Epidermis, has been released!

After several months of hard work, Epidermis 0.1 is finally ready.
This version includes these features:

  • The ability to install, uninstall and mix and match between pigments of these types:
    • Wallpapers
    • Metacity window border themes
    • GTK widget themes
    • Icon sets
    • GNOME splash images
    • Mouse cursor themes
    • Grub bootsplash screen
    • Usplash bootsplash screen
    • GDM login screen
  • Integration with GHNS-like repository for pigments, meaning automatic downloads and installations.
  • 'Skins' are a collection of pigments, making the customisation of the look of your entire desktop quick and easy.
  • A simple GTK graphical user interface.

You can download Epidermis 0.1 at this URL: