Test cases

  1. Install Epidermis using the .deb downloaded from launchpad, or from the PPA.
  2. Make sure you can access Epidermis from the following places:
    • Your desktop environment's menu, on GNOME, Applications, System Tools, Epidermis. Make sure the icon is correct.
    • From the terminal, typing epidermis and then enter should launch Epidermis
  3. Launch Epidermis. Set the repo to http://downloads.tuxfamily.org/epidermis/ghns/downloads.xml , as it should be by default.
  4. Click About, the version displayed should be the version you expect to see. If you're using Epidermis in a language other than English, make sure the translators have been credited in the About dialog.
  5. Click 'Find More', and install one or two skins, if not all of them, from the repository.
  6. Go to installed, and apply each of the skins in turn, activating all the pigment types (including usplash, gdm and grub themes). Make sure that they have been activated.
  7. Click 'Find More' and look for any pigments that have not been yet downloaded and installed, example: Artic Penguin wallpaper is not included in any skins, so you need to install it manually.
  8. In 'Installed', customise a skin by changing one of the linked pigments to a newly downloaded one. Verify that if you change a skin back to how it was originally, the custom skin automatically disappears. Apply the custom skin.
  9. Save the customised Skin, close and reload Epidermis, and make sure it's still there.
  10. Delete a few skins from 'Installed' view.
  11. Download a few pigments manually from http://downloads.tuxfamily.org/epidermis/ghns/ and install them manually by opening Epidermis and clicking 'Open'.
  12. Delete all your pigments by clicking on 'Find More' and unticking them.
  13. Check that Epidermis' manpage has been installed correctly, type 'man epidermis' in a terminal, and make sure the displayed version number matches the version of Epidermis.
  14. Check that the gconf schemas have been installed correctly by open gconf-editor to /apps/epidermis .
  15. Uninstall Epidermis.

If you encounter any bugs, you know where to report them.. If you complete the entire test case without any errors, send me a line, I'll be interested to know (David D Lowe).