How you can help

There are many ways to contribute to Epidermis' development:

  • Make pigments (themes) for Epidermis:

    Grab your favourite themes and turn them into epidermis-compatible pigments using the Epidermis Creator. Then send them in. Pigments that fit together to make a skin are particularly interesting.

  • Translate it to your favourite language:

    Translating is easy, just create a Launchpad account and head over to, translation is open to anyone so you can start right away!

  • Find bugs and report them:

    Just like most free software projects, Epidermis has a bug tracker so that problems can be identified quickly and properly addressed.

  • Design a better GUI:

    If you think you can make the graphical user interface more intuitive and know how to improve a program's usability, Epidermis could use your suggestions. Here are some of the ideas for a GUI, send yours in!

  • Contribute code:

    Put your hacker's hat on and start coding. If you know Python and PyGTK, you're perfect for the job. Just grab the Epidermis bzr branch off launchpad and upload it as your own personnel branch, no commit permissions required. Once your branch is ready, request a merge. If you don't know where to start, mentoring is available.

  • Do some tests:

    Yes, Epidermis needs to be tested, just like any other program. We've written up a test case for you to tackle. If you find any bugs, you know where to report them!

  • Spread the word:

    Do you do some Social Bookmarking? You do? Great here are some sites you can spread the fun on!, and

  • Donate? No thank you, but...

    If you're desperate to put your cash to good use and donate to Epidermis, may we redirect you to Stani's Python Editor instead? Epidermis' main developer (actually, only developer at this point) uses it a lot, so helping SPE would be helping Epidermis.

See you soon!