Thumbnails for and Microsoft Office documents

Although not related to Epidermis in any way, I've recently released version 0.3.1 of ooo-thumbnailer. I thought you might be interested in it.

ooo-thumbnailer integrates automatic thumbnails in Nautilus for and Microsoft Office documents, presentations, spreadsheets and templates, as you can see in the screenshot.

Thumbnails of various and Microsoft Office files

ooo-thumbnailer goes beyond what is provided by gsf-office-thumbnailer (Debian package name: libgsf-bin): it puts a convenient file type icon in the corner of the thumbnail, and it shows thumbnails for Microsoft Office files regardless of how it was saved. By default, both Microsoft Office and do not save preview information for Office files. ooo-thumbnailer can generate these previews on the fly, if necessary.

You can install ooo-thumbnailer for Ubuntu with this PPA. The package should be in the Debian unstable repositories as soon as I find a sponsor. Hopefully, it will get packaged for other Linux distributions as well.

Find more details about the project and the source code at