I wonder, will Usplash support be dropped?

As I develop Epidermis, I keep thinking of more and more reasons to drop support for Usplash pigments (and grub as well). Here's a list of why:

  • Not all distributions support it. In fact, only Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives support it, as far as I know. Dropping Usplash pigments would make Epidermis easier to port to other distros, such as Fedora.
  • Usplash themes have to be rebuilt for every release of Ubuntu and for every architecture. This makes creating and distributing Usplash themes incredibly complicated. Pigments are supposed to be indepedendent of the type of machine used. Usplash themes are more like programs in C, so they should be distributed like programs.
  • The next version of Ubuntu, 9.10 Karmic Koala, will not include Usplash (brainstorming here). So sooner or later, I'm going to have to drop support for it anyway.

So don't be surprised if the next version of Epidermis loses a feature!


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I would like support for Arch linux.
So thanks for thinking about other distros :)

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I would also like support for Fedora. :)

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as a ubuntu user i have to say that for usplah themes are already easy to use....but at the current point of ubuntu 9.10 for me the default usplash is so good and is only there for three seconds...

and yeah, for 10.04 they plan to go plymouth or something like that...so yeah, fedora already uses that (i think), that might be something to think about